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Establishing Research
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Establishing Research
Written by Luke   
Thursday, 08 October 2009 16:00

We met up as per our usual meeting time on Wednesday and discussed what progress had been made, where to go from here etc. All the minutes from these meetings will be available at some point in the "Media" section of the website. Anyway, my tasks for this week were the minutes from the meeting, general research and filling out the Wiki, which I am in the midst of doing now.


Namely, I found an excellent article on Gamasutra, which is an extract from a book that I may well buy. I've fully referenced the article and the book it is sourced from on the useful links page, and I'm currently editing a new wiki page in order to pick out the important lessons from the article. Below is the link to the article and to the book preview on google books, I'll look through the whole thing later on and make a decision as to whether it is worth buying. I recommend everyone else check this out, there's lots of good stuff I found after a quick browse through the contents page, "Interview with Nicole Lazarro" being one of the stand outs.

Also note another good case study from this article: ICO.

Article: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3465/book_excerpt_better_game_.php

Book preview

Oh yeah, we've also decided to meet Sundays at 3PM from now on as well.


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