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Creativity fail
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Creativity fail
Written by Luke   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 13:14

I'm good at writing narratives so I'm irritated at having a bit of a creative block at the moment in regards to our artefact. The main problem is the length. When you're used to writing stories for 30+ hour RPGs a 30 minute adventure of which only a portion of which will involve experiencing the narrative is rather challenging. Usually I like to make a world as deep as possible. That includes detailed history of the world and each town in it. In includes an in-depth examination of each nation's political structure, religions, economic and military strength. The laws of the world need to be decided ie is there magic? Why? How does it work?

Most of this stuff has to be done away with for this artefact. There is simply no purpose to create depth that is never going to be discovered. All we need is something to contextualise the artefact, and a relatively small amount of background information to give our narrative orientated NPCs something to harp on about.

At the moment, I'm thinking along the lines of a military occupation by another nation. This gives our love interest motivation: "Hold me in these times of need". Our bard has sufficient material for his lectures on: "These two nations have been at loggerheads since the dawn of time. Or a decade ago take your pick". Our gameplay orientated characters also have some bad guys to slay. Everyone likes taking part in rebellions.

Another idea is that the player character takes the role of a member of a royal guard, and is of relatively high rank. This should give the player reasonable access to other people at the castle. Fellow guard members for battles, scholars in the library for the world narrative, and I dunno....maybe a maid he fancies for the love interest, or the queen herself? A castle might also make quite a good and believable 'hub' for the player to wander around and find each NPC in their contextually relevant locations.



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