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Drunk on Power
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Drunk on Power
Written by Luke   
Sunday, 22 November 2009 02:32

I am in charge of the team until the conclusion of the first milestone next week! It's going well so far, nobody has attempted a coup d'état yet, so that's a positive. In Friday's meeting we established about 90% of the world narrative, which is excellent, and brainstormed a few character ideas. We are all brainstorming more character ideas at the moment and will put them together at Sunday's meeting at 3PM.

We have pretty much decided on the use of a Market Place as a hub, however I have a minor problem with that setting. My worry is that to make a convincing market, we'll need quite a large amount of NPCs. Now it is easy enough to make these random NPCs uninteresting and we can simply not give them conversation trees, but we must make sure our important characters stand out as we don't want randomers to become distracting in such a short artefact. 70 hour Dragon Age, this is not.

Player Character - Leon

A high ranking member of the town guard, the artefact takes place during his daily patrol of the market. He knows all 5 NPCs personally. I have given him a name, though this is not a necessity. But it might be more believable if our NPCs refer to him by name in certain situations, and it also makes it easier to describe the NPCs relationship with the PC in designs. I chose Leon because it is relatively interesting and uncommon, but not too much of a mouthful.


I thought Rosa was a nice, simple, and appropriate name for the 'personal narrative character', ie the love interest. She is a seamstress, and sells the clothes she makes at a stall in the market. She is friendly with Leon and speaks to him every day as he does his patrol. She lives alone in a small house near the market. This house is owned by her mother, but she works as a servant in the castle and so lives there. Her father died of an illness a few years ago. When Rosa meets Leon in the market, she asks for his help in ridding her house of a spirit that has appeared. When Leon arrives it is a very small task to remove it, and then the scenario can focus on the interaction between the two.

Despite needing help with the spirit and not being a fighter, Rosa isn't easily scared. She has to be likeable, and will be confident around Leon. She takes quite an obvious interest in him, but doesn't make conversations awkward. She has a good sense of humour and likes to ask Leon about his history and dreams, and enjoys telling him about her own as well. She is lively, cheerful, and likes to make physical contact alot. Her humour is very important, and I think it is important the player can have the option to make jokes at her expense and have her laugh about it. Characters who don't take every little thing to heart tend to me much more likable. (Morrigan Disapproves - 10)


I have no idea where that name came from, I was just thinking of something Italian sounding after playing far too much AC2 and that came to me. I think it is quite suiting for an elderly scholar, which is what I consider our world narrative character to be. Moravici works at the castle and has spoken to Leon on a few occasions there. He is in town picking up some more writing equipment, and when the player speaks to him the conversation ends with him offering to explain to Leon a bit about the history of Northreach. Moravici says he will be available in the castle library all day.


This is 'Mysterio', and if possible I'd like to give him a big scar over one of his eyes. Because nothing is more intriguing and mysterious then wondering where a big wound came from. All that is known about Anton is that he is a former soldier who sustained heavy injuries during one battle, hence his diminished combat efficiency now. He lost something very dear to him a few years ago in a mission into one of the dungeons below the city, and he has finally decided to retrieve it. As such, he is in the market picking up equipment and looking for somebody to help him.


The gruff, buff, 'Tank' character and another part of the Town Watch. He's in the market looking for Leon, and says that some monsters have managed to get in the city and are causing mild havoc at the library. He wants the PC to meet him there ASAP.


She is the healer. Very similar to Draco in her personality, what little of it there is to concern ourselves with. She passes on a message to Leon from his superior that there are some bandits hanging out at one of the old abandoned warehouses on the outskirts, and he has to clean them out before the end of the day. Lucinda has been told to back him up, and she will be waiting for him outside the warehouse when he is ready.


Right, I think that's enough for character brainstorming! Back to Assassin's Creed 2.


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