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Up and Running!!
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Up and Running!!
Written by Richard   
Monday, 05 October 2009 21:42

Well! Here we are, www.saturn-design.co.uk is finally "finished" and ready for use. Obviously I will add new modules/plugins as required throughout the year. But for now, we have all we set out to have on the site, the Wiki, individual and team blogs, a section for media along with a commenting system for all news posted here.

An email will be sent around today to all lecturers containing their login details for the site, along with a small site FAQ. It's been a small victory for me personally as this is the second site I've got up and running in my life and it's turned out to be a fairly useful one, it doesn't look half bad either. Credit where credit is due though, I have a very good friend at the IT company where I worked previously who has not only hosted the site for us for FREE, but has put in some hard work too, helping get the ball, and particularly the wiki rolling. Paul, you did good!

Obviously the site is going to be our hub, collating all the blogs into one easy to find place, along with a wiki that's editable by all account holders here at Saturn, keeping things in one place. There's nothing worse than "Dave's got it" syndrome.

In the first week of the project I have really focussed on the admin side of things, getting the website sorted, organising the weekly meetings etc. I also decided that recording MP3's of the meetings would be a good idea seeing as then all 4 members are active in discussion instead of three and one writing notes etc. Luke has taken on the task of writing these MP3's into full minutes which will be soon available in the media section of the website.

Our weekly meeting is held at Orlando village on Wednesdays at 1PM. This gives us time to reflect on things fro the Tuesday lecture, putting them into practice/taking them further before seeing Brian and Phil for the Friday meeting.

That's about it from me for now, expect more in the coming weeks when we start simmering down our groups idea's into one solid title. If anyone has problems with the site, don't hesitate to contact me on my personal email account detailed on the contacts page. I'm usually withint three feet of a computer, so it shouldn't be too difficult to sort things out.




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