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What's the story Luke-anory?
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What's the story Luke-anory?
Written by Richard   
Friday, 20 November 2009 18:42

Today we had a very productive meeting and got mst of the narrative sorted out regarding the game world. We also had a brainstorming session involving character narrative.

Our first milestone, as we decided on Tuesday with Claire and Amanda, is based on narrative. We decided as a group at the beginning of the project that it would be beneficial to all of us, to lead the team at some point during the project. Thus, each milestone has an elected milestone leader. Luke was put forward by the group to spearhead our first milestone presentation and has already been exercising his leadership skills, taking the helm during todays meeting and boiling down some of the narrativ elements of our project. He has assigned us with tasks for sundays meeting. Each of us is to come up with some basic narrative for the characters, which we will sieve through on Sunday and decide the final narrative roles of each NPC.

A very useful day, including some good feedback and encouragement from Brian and Phil, it's been a positive vibe in the Team Saturn "office."

Here's some links for the guys of miscellaneous meeting gubbins:

http://www.saturn-design.co.uk/docs/World Narrative.docx

Luke I'll send you the MP3 over MSN as I wouldn't want to publish our musings, for legal reasons!

Expect activity in the coming days with character idea's appearing on multiple blogs!

See you Sunday,


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