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Mysterious Stranger
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Mysterious Stranger
Written by Richard   
Sunday, 22 November 2009 13:58

I'm not sure if that's too much info for the mysterious character Luke. I started writing some stuff for him on Saturday and have kept it very vague. I'll show you at the meeting today just to see if you guy sthink it's relevant.


Also, regarding the hub being distracting and possibly disguising the useful NPCs, all we have to do is display them in a way that the testers cannot miss them. Most people will be peasantry, with simple SpeakString one line floating text responses. People like the scholar/bard will possibly be on a pedestal or something, preaching to the market. The military characters, healer and tank, will be patrolling in their armour, distinguishing them from the rest of the crowd. The love interest might be a slightly challenging one unless we have a scripted event when you cannot miss her when you walk though a part of the market, a floor trigger, starting some floating dialogue over her head or somthing, shouting for you to come over. Mysterious character can be in some form of exotic armour or something like that, it's only as hard as we make it imo.



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