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Meeting Progress
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Meeting Progress
Written by Richard   
Sunday, 29 November 2009 18:51

Hey guys,

Meeting today was sure a long one, good work though! We've laid out our milestones for the project, currently we're predicting 8 milestones throughout the duration. These will be handled by individual milestone organisers detailed below:

  • Narrative - Luke - 4/12/09
  • Level Design - Lloyd - 15/01/10 (possibly, conflicts with a Scripting 3 hand in date)
  • Scripting - Ross
  • Sound & VO Creation - Richard
  • Artefact Testing - Richard
  • Testing Methodology - Ross
  • Testing Phase - Luke
  • Resultant Data Analysis - Lloyd

The project plan has been updated a great deal this week with targets for current milestones and completed tasks. We still need to assign dates for some of the latter tasks in the plan, but we have a fair few questions that need answered before we do!

This week (until Wednesday's meeting at least) has been set aside for initial level design ideas. We are going to meet again on Wednesday 3rd December and get or finalised plans down and then get them transferred into a scaled Visio document. Once this has been done we are free to go away over Christmas and create the entire artefact, minus scripting, ready for the scripting work planned in January after the exam weeks.

We're in again on Tuesday seeing Amanda and Claire, we're taking in our revised Narrative Milestone presentation to see if they have anything more to add feedback wise. Then we're presenting that on Friday to Brian and Phil in the 2PM meeting.

Everything seems on track, we're still working well as a team, no major arguments yet, so generally a thumbs up from me.




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