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Why do good ideas always happen at 4:35AM?
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Why do good ideas always happen at 4:35AM?
Written by Richard   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 04:54

I hate the fact that my brain is most active at night...

Just a short update to remind myself in the future, if anything, of what we have been doing recently as the blog has kind of dried up for several reasons. Other work has been a higher priority of late, not to say we haven't done anything towards Team Project, as that would be a lie, but it hasn't been on the top of the list.

I spent my christmas, amongst Scripting 3 and Business assignments, developing two of the areas for the artefact; the house of our love interest Lauren and the tavern in which Jake our control character is currently staying. Both of these levels were relatively straight forward in design, the area's are simply a background to the narrative delivery we are doing through the character dialoge. Obviously this doesn't mean no effort has gone into them as they are well laid out and populated with relevant placeables, but they are simply an area for our characters to develop in. We spent a while debugging some of the areas, mostly from pathing problems. Although some of the debugging time was spent sorting factions between NPC's and collision detection.

Before this we spent a while getting the level designs done on paper and in Microsoft Visio. The planning stage is always important and we decided to get things down in Visio to give ourselves some proper reference material. The plans were formulated from past experiences we have all had in Roleplay Games.

Prior to the level designs we spent a lot of our time developing the characters and their narrative. All the world narrative was written too, this is all ready for the dialoge creation stage that is in progress at the moment. Parallel to the dialogue creation we are focussing on scripting. In particular I am focussing on some random walking scripts for NPC's in the market place to make it feel like an actual market place rather than a large open area with static NPC's.

Sunday's meeting will be a slightly painful one as it is going to include time planning for the next phases of the project leading up to testing. Along with this we will be conferring on all the dialogue we have written so far. This will give us the oppertunity to give a "group OK" to all the conversations and get them programmed in to the module itself.

Until Sunday...



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