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Richard Allsop Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard Sat, 15 Dec 2018 18:18:59 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Update! http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/86-update http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/86-update hey guys, just a quick update regarding hte level design reports. I'm at uni at the moment and have compiled the sectiuons of the report in to one document ready to hand to Claire and Amanda in this afternoons meeting at 4PM.

See you guys at 4! I think I'm going to hit the gym as it's half 12 and our meeting isn;t until 4 :/


drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Tue, 16 Feb 2010 12:25:16 +0000
Small scale testing http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/84-small-scale-testing http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/84-small-scale-testing After identifying that we needed to have NPC's "using" the market place in a normal manner, it was my task to figure out how. I have a test map with two NPC's performing actions we will be using in our market place. One of the NPC's is a "shopper" NPC and wanders between waypoints marked "WP_Shop" on a variable controlled frequency basis. The other NPC in the level is a child who is set to "observer." This child walks between several "WP_Observe" waypoints and proceeds to look at a "WP_POI" when he is at said waypoints.

Both of these functionalities are now in the implementation stage in the final artefact. This is a rathe lengthy process as there are a multitude of NPC's in the market place and waypoints need added everywhere. Another interesting feature of the "observer" variable set is the "talkfreq" variable. This integer allows the control of how often this NPC will stop and converse with other NPC's in the area. The funcionality of this isn't fully explained on the vault site and I am having trouble at present getting two NPC's to "fake" a conversation, but progress is being made.

Several other script funcitons are being tested at the moment. These include perception based scripts. These scripts run when the player character enters the perception radius of an NPC. I am currently working with these to further the funnelling process in the market place section of our artefact.

drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Sun, 07 Feb 2010 11:35:29 +0000
Why do good ideas always happen at 4:35AM? http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/83-why-do-good-ideas-always-happen-at-435am http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/83-why-do-good-ideas-always-happen-at-435am I hate the fact that my brain is most active at night...

Just a short update to remind myself in the future, if anything, of what we have been doing recently as the blog has kind of dried up for several reasons. Other work has been a higher priority of late, not to say we haven't done anything towards Team Project, as that would be a lie, but it hasn't been on the top of the list.

I spent my christmas, amongst Scripting 3 and Business assignments, developing two of the areas for the artefact; the house of our love interest Lauren and the tavern in which Jake our control character is currently staying. Both of these levels were relatively straight forward in design, the area's are simply a background to the narrative delivery we are doing through the character dialoge. Obviously this doesn't mean no effort has gone into them as they are well laid out and populated with relevant placeables, but they are simply an area for our characters to develop in. We spent a while debugging some of the areas, mostly from pathing problems. Although some of the debugging time was spent sorting factions between NPC's and collision detection.

Before this we spent a while getting the level designs done on paper and in Microsoft Visio. The planning stage is always important and we decided to get things down in Visio to give ourselves some proper reference material. The plans were formulated from past experiences we have all had in Roleplay Games.

Prior to the level designs we spent a lot of our time developing the characters and their narrative. All the world narrative was written too, this is all ready for the dialoge creation stage that is in progress at the moment. Parallel to the dialogue creation we are focussing on scripting. In particular I am focussing on some random walking scripts for NPC's in the market place to make it feel like an actual market place rather than a large open area with static NPC's.

Sunday's meeting will be a slightly painful one as it is going to include time planning for the next phases of the project leading up to testing. Along with this we will be conferring on all the dialogue we have written so far. This will give us the oppertunity to give a "group OK" to all the conversations and get them programmed in to the module itself.

Until Sunday...



drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Sat, 06 Feb 2010 04:54:25 +0000
Meeting 20/1 http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/81-meeting-201 http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/81-meeting-201 Morning guys,

Just a quick reminder to bring all the levels with you to the meeting today as we're hoping to get them stuck into 1 module. If they are not finished don't worry about it too much as we can sort placeables while we are scripting. We are going to have to move a hell of a lot of stuff around anyways for script interactivity, especially for pathing reasons, had some problems in some levels already.

See you at 1!

drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:04:17 +0000
Hangover gone yet? http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/80-hangover-gone-yet http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/80-hangover-gone-yet Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a fun New Year. It's been a good one down here in Bracknell.

Just to touch base really while we're still on Holiday, time plan has everyone pencilled down to have their sections of the artefact complete by the time we get back. I'm getting on with mine at the moment in-between fits of tears over Scripting 3 and having fun putting my portfolio together.

I'll most likely be back in the area on Saturday 9th if anyone wants to come have a mini meeting about the status of the project, if not, someone else post on here and we can see where everyone is.

Hope you're all OK.


drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Mon, 04 Jan 2010 13:51:10 +0000
Happy Holidays Dudes! http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/79-happy-holidays-dudes http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/79-happy-holidays-dudes Hey guys!

Just a quick post to say happy holidays to all. I'm going to be leaving relatively early tomorrow so I won't be around for the Wednesday meeting, sorry! Weather reports are scary for tomorrow and I have to drive to Coventry and then Bracknell, so I'm aiming to get off as soon as I can really.

Everyone knows what they are doing over the holidays. We all have the appropriate plans for creating our levels, creative license would be lovely regarding placeables, so go nuts! If you have any other ideas regarding script or NPC scripting, just jot it down or test it out, no ideas are bad ideas!

Update regarding the ethics sheet, I downloaded it the other day, it's a proper monster! I've started filling it out though so we should have it sorted for when we come back.

On an unrelated note, good luck with Scripting 3 everyone, I'm scared of the deadline that's for sure, it's going to be an interesting "holiday."

Either way, hope everyone has a good holiday and a well deserved break, albeit a working break. Take care you lot, and have a good Christmas.

drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Wed, 16 Dec 2009 02:20:01 +0000
Meeting Progress http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/78-meeting-progress http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/78-meeting-progress Hey guys,

Meeting today was sure a long one, good work though! We've laid out our milestones for the project, currently we're predicting 8 milestones throughout the duration. These will be handled by individual milestone organisers detailed below:

  • Narrative - Luke - 4/12/09
  • Level Design - Lloyd - 15/01/10 (possibly, conflicts with a Scripting 3 hand in date)
  • Scripting - Ross
  • Sound & VO Creation - Richard
  • Artefact Testing - Richard
  • Testing Methodology - Ross
  • Testing Phase - Luke
  • Resultant Data Analysis - Lloyd

The project plan has been updated a great deal this week with targets for current milestones and completed tasks. We still need to assign dates for some of the latter tasks in the plan, but we have a fair few questions that need answered before we do!

This week (until Wednesday's meeting at least) has been set aside for initial level design ideas. We are going to meet again on Wednesday 3rd December and get or finalised plans down and then get them transferred into a scaled Visio document. Once this has been done we are free to go away over Christmas and create the entire artefact, minus scripting, ready for the scripting work planned in January after the exam weeks.

We're in again on Tuesday seeing Amanda and Claire, we're taking in our revised Narrative Milestone presentation to see if they have anything more to add feedback wise. Then we're presenting that on Friday to Brian and Phil in the 2PM meeting.

Everything seems on track, we're still working well as a team, no major arguments yet, so generally a thumbs up from me.




drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Sun, 29 Nov 2009 18:51:08 +0000
Prototypes http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/77-prototypes http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/77-prototypes Just a short reminder for everyone to bring their prototyping/initial level design ideas with them to today's (29/11) meeting. We need to go over what we can adn can't do animation wise and decide what we'll be using as level plans for each of the characters encounter. Pencil is fine for this stage, don't worry about detailed Visio work till the coming week.


drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Sun, 29 Nov 2009 14:36:29 +0000
Updated Milestone Draft! http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/75-updated-milestone-draft http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/75-updated-milestone-draft Here's the updated Milestone presentation, edited after some useful feedback from Amanda and Claire on Monday.


drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Wed, 25 Nov 2009 19:19:39 +0000
Milestone Presentation Draft - Narrative http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/74-milestone-presentation-draft-narrative http://saturn-design.co.uk/blogs/richard/74-milestone-presentation-draft-narrative Hey guys, here's the narrative presentation for today's milestone dry run. See you at 2:30!



drtango@hotmail.co.uk (Richard) Richard Allsop Tue, 24 Nov 2009 13:53:33 +0000