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Written by Ross   
Friday, 09 October 2009 09:35

Hello, hello! Ross Mackenzie reporting in!

This will be my first blog post, because last week my graphics card helpfully decided to die on me, and the new one refused to play ball with my current power supply. Still, I managed to make a team logo and send it to Lloyd before all this happened, so it's not all bad. Plus, my laptop is now up and running on a fresh install of XP, so I can actually start working again.

First thing on my list is to add my referenced papers and such to the wiki, which I will be doing shortly after writing this post. Also, I'll try and remember all the psychological studies I learned about at A-Level, and put in any that are relevant and useful to our current task - Henri Tajfel's study on in-groups and out-groups at least, which I mentioned in my project proposal.

My assigned task this week is to look into the "uncanny valley", and find any research on the subject that may be useful. The "uncanny valley" is an interesting subject, because it will become more and more prevalent as the graphical ability of games increases. When your avatar is just a yellow circle with a slice missing, you can identify with it fairly easily - not deeply perhaps, but well enough. However, give a player something that looks almost human, but not quite, and feelings of revulsion are quick to follow, an evolutionary response to seeing a person who is gravely ill, or otherwise not normal - something that would have kept our ancestors alive during times of plague or other troubles.

Well, I find it interesting, anyway. Expect some helpful links and such incoming over the weekend. Aside from that, everything seems to be going smoothly for Team Saturn at the moment, so I'll stop writing here and get back to some maaaad Googlin'.

- Ross

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